Project Researchers
2022-2025 - Judges' work, place and psychological health - a national view (ARC Discovery Project: DP220100585)
Jill Hunter, Prudence Vines, Natalie Skead, Kylie Burns, Sharyn Roach Anleu, Catherine Warner, Richard Kemp, Terese Henning
2022-2024 - Sentencing to create just outcomes: impact of trauma and strength of culture: Evaluating the impact of the Bugmy Bar Book Resources – the first 3 years (Australian Institute of Criminology Indigenous Justice Research Program Grant) Jill Hunter, Luke McNamara
2021-2024 - Violence, Risk and Safety: The Changing Face of Australian Criminal Laws (ARC Discovery Project: DP210101072) Luke McNamara, Julia Quilter, Arlie Loughnan, Russell Hogg, David Brown, Lindsay Farmer
2020-2023 - Intoxication Evidence in Rape Trials: A Double-Edged Sword? (ARC Discovery Project: DP200100101)  Julia Quilter and Luke McNamara
2019-2025 - Australian violence: understanding victimisation through history (ARC Discovery Project: DP190100322) Andy Kaladelfos, Mark Finnane, Susanne Karstedt
2019-2024 - Creating perceptual experts in Australia's policing and security agencies (ARC Linkage Project: LP170100086)
Jason Tangen, Rachel Searston, Matthew Thompson, Gary Edmond, Kevin Eva, Scott Osborn, Duncan McCarthy, Robert Hayes
2019-2022 - Juries, justice and citizenship (ARC Discovery Project: DP190100940)
Jill Hunter, Penelope Russell, Diane Kirkby, Alecia Simmonds

2019-202 - Access to justice in interpreted proceedings: the role of Judicial Officers (ARC Linkage Project: LP180100366)

Ludmila Stern, Sandra Hale, Stephen Doherty, Melanie Schwartz, George Bisas

2018-2020 – Reconceptualising Indigenous access to justice in civil law (ARC Discovery Project: DP180101152) Chris Cunneen, Melanie Schwartz, Larissa Behrendt
2017-2020 – Criminalisation of poverty and homelessness in Australia: A national study (ARC Linkage Project: LP160101543) Tamara Walsh, Luke McNamara, Julia Quilter, Thalia Anthony
2017-2020 – Conceptions of Police Intelligence: Building a Cross-National Comparative Analysis of Practices and Frameworks (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant, Canada) Carrie Sanders, Lyria Bennett Moses, Janet Chan, Simon Mackenzie, James Sheptycki, Gavin Smith
2017-2018 – The use of big data for social policy: benefits and risks (ARC Learned Academies Special Projects: LA170100011) Janet Chan, Peter Saunders, David Abramson, Janeen Baxter, Ross Homel, Sheila Shaver, Mark Western

2017-2019 – The Rethinking Community Sanctions Project (ARC Discovery Project: DP170100893)

Julie Stubbs, Chris Cunneen, David Brown, Eileen Baldry, Melanie Schwartz
2016-2018 – Improving the communication of forensic science evidence to courts (ARC Linkage Project: LP16100008) Kristy Martire, Gary Edmond, Bryan Found, Richard Kemp, Kaye Ballantyne
2016-2017 – Practical perspectives on a balanced, enabling regulatory framework for data-based decision-support technologies used by law enforcement and national security in Australia (Data to Decisions CRC) Louis De Koker, Lyria Bennett Moses, Janet Chan
2016 – Guiding principles in the design, regulation, implementation, governance and oversight of data-based decision-support technologies for law enforcement and national security (Data to Decisions CRC) Lyria Bennett Moses, Janet Chan
2015-2019 – Technology and data science in policing: a study of crime analysts in Canada (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant, Canada)  Carrie Sanders, Janet Chan

2015-2017 – A Future Beyond the Wall: Improving Post-release Employment Outcomes for People Leaving Prison (ARC Linkage Project: LP140100329)

Eileen Baldry, Leanne Dowse, Jesse Cale, David Bright, Joseph Graffam, Andrew Day, Jane MacGillivray

2014-2017 – Positive life pathways for vulnerable adolescents: The role of a life management program approach (ARC Linkage Project: LP140100429)

Sally Nathan, Patrick Rawstorne, Andrew Hayden, Joanne Bryant, Eileen Baldry, Megan Williams, Mark Ferry
2014-2016  Data Technology and National Security: Comparative International Perspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada (Data to Decisions CRC) Janet Chan, Louis de Koker, Danuta Mendelson, David Vaile
2014-2015 – Knowledges of "intoxication" and Australian Criminal Law: Implications for Addressing Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Harms and Risks (AIC: Criminology Research Grant) Julia Quilter, Kate Seear, Luke McNamara, Robin Room
2013-2017 – The Comparative Youth Penality Project (ARC Discovery Project: DP130100184) Chris Cunneen, Eileen Baldry, Melanie Schwartz, Barry Goldson, David Brown
2013-2015 – The role of cultural factors in the sentencing of Indigenous sex offenders in the Northern Territory (ARC Discovery Indigenous Project: IN130100054) Kyllie Cripps, Megan Davis, Annie Cossins
2013-2014  Justice Reinvestment in Australia: conceptual foundations for criminal justice innovation (ARC Discovery Project: DP130101121) Julie Stubbs, Melanie Schwartz, Chris Cunneen, David Brown
2012-2015 – Forensic reasoning and uncertainty: identifying pattern and impression expertise (ARC Linkage Project: LP120100063) Jason Tangen, Gary Edmond, Geoffrey Norman, Kevin Eva, Itiel Dror, Brian Lovell, Duncan McCarthy, Bruce Comber
2012-2015 – Participation in the administration of justice: deaf citizens as jurors (ARC Linkage Project: LP120200261) Sandra Hale, Jemina Napier, Mehera San Roque, David Spencer, Debra Russell
2012-2014 – Creating a Supportive Culture for Legal Services: A Study of Work Stress, Workplace Culture and Wellbeing Programs for Lawyers and Support Staff (ARC Linkage Project: LP120200328) Janet Chan, Suzanne Poynton, Jasmine Bruce

2012-2014 – Participation of Victims of Crime in NSW Court Processes (Department of Justice and Attorney General, NSW)

Tyrone Kirchengast, Suzanne Poynton, Laura Boseley
2012-2013 – Blacklists and the (de)criminalisation of conflict resolution (Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust) Vicki Sentas, Louise Boon-Kuo, Ben Hayes, Gavin Sullivan
2011-2013  Legal Culture, Work Stress and Professional Practice: A Study of Australian lawyers (ARC Discovery Project: DP110101000) Janet Chan
2010-2013 – Indigenous Australians with mental health disorders and cognitive disability in the criminal justice system (ARC Linkage Project: LP100200096)  Eileen Baldry, Patrick Dodson, Leanne Dowse, Devon Indig, Julian Trollor

2010-2012 – Restorative Justice for Victims & Serious Offenders (ARC Linkage Project: LP100100382)

Janet Chan & Jane Bolitho
2010-2012 – Making demonstrably reliable forensic voice comparison a practical everyday reality in Australia (ARC Linkage Project: LP100200142) Geoffrey Morrison, Julien Epps, Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Gary Edmond, Joaquin Gonzalez Rodriguez, Daniel Ramos, Cuiling Zhang
2010-2011 – The impact of hate speech laws on public discourse in Australia (ARC Discovery Project: DP1096721) Luke McNamara, Katharine Gelber
2009-2012 – Suspect sciences: Enhancing emerging identification technologies and forensic expertise (ARC Future Fellowship: FT0992041) Gary Edmond

2009-2010  Challenges, Possibilites & Future Directions: A National Assessment of Australia's Children's Courts (ARC Discovery Project: DP0987175)

Jane Bolitho & 16 other researchers from across Australia

2008-2011  The Australian Prisons Project (ARC Discovery Project: DP0877331

Eileen Baldry, Chris Cunneen, David Brown, Alex Steel & Mark Brown