Berindah Aicken

Stephen Bourne

Melanie Burton

Elena Cama

Daniel Cater

Fabrice Cregut (visiting)

Sarah Croskery-Hewitt
‘Intoxication Evidence in Rape Trials: A Double-Edged Sword?’
Supervisors: Professor Julia Quilter (UOW); Professor Luke McNamara.

Stephen Dametto

Karen Daniels

Leah Findlay

Kristyn Glanville
'Motivation for water compliance in the Murray Darling Basin'
Supervisors: Professor Cameron Holley, Dr Tariro Mutungwizo, Dr John Carr.

Ben Grimes

Thea Gumbert-Jourjon

Natalie Hodgson
'State crime, resistance and the potential of international criminal law: A case study of offshore detention'
Supervisors: Dr Michael Grewcock, Dr Nicola McGarrity, Professor Sarah Williams.

Tamar Hopkins

Shann Hulme

Sharyn Jenkins

Andrew Kelly

Peta Kennedy

Maria Kevin

Adrian Leiva

David Lusty
‘Coercive Powers & Criminal Justice: Lawfully Compelled Self-Incrimination Prior to Trial & the Use and Admissibility of Compelled Evidence’.
Supervisors: Professor Jill Hunter; Dr Lisa Burton Crawford.

Peta MacGillivray
‘Children and Young People with Mental and Cognitive Impairment in the Juvenile Justice System in NSW’
Supervisors: Dr Kyllie Cripps; Professor Luke McNamara.

Elizabeth McEntyre

Jason Moore

Rebecca Moran
'Political participation by survivors of child sexual abuse'
Supervisors: A/Professor Michael Salter; Professor Jan Breckenridge.

Ben Mostyn

Samuel Pascoe
'The Great War of Ideas: A Review into National Security Communications'
Supervisors: A/Professor Alyce McGovern; Dr Srinjoy Bose.

Sonia Qadir

Fleur Ramsay

Simone Rowe
'Disability and the Carceral State: An examination of the experiences of criminalised people with cognitive disability' 
Supervisors: Dr Phillip Wadds; Emeritus Professor Leanne Dowse; Professor Eileen Baldry; A/Professor Angela Dew (Deakin).

Elizabeth Sarofim

Kathryn Smithers

Bruno van Aaken

Alanna Van der Veen
'Killing Time: The Challenges of Reforming Unreasonable Trial Delay'
Supervisors: Professor Jill Hunter; Dr Justine Rogers; Nicholas Cowdery.

Jeannette Walsh

Alison Whittaker
'State impunity in review systems after First Nations deaths in custody'
Supervisors: Professor Jill Hunter; Dr Vicki Sentas; Dr Kyllie Cripps.