#AboriginalLivesMatter: Past, Present and Future Interview Series - Click here to watch the series

Produced by The UNSW Criminology Society.

#AboriginalLivesMatter: Past, Present and Future explores the past, present and future issues which form the basis of the controlling and discriminatory laws and practices that exist today in the Australian criminal justice system; stressing the move beyond the stage of acknowledging the influences of the country’s colonial history on these practices, and onto the next stage where appropriate change is strived for. The interview series features Indigenous hosts Jake Fing, Jonathan Captain-Webb and Jerrilee Franich, dialoguing with various individuals who are associated with multiple organs of the criminal justice system, including: Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, MP Linda Burney, Vickie Roach, Keenan Mundine, Carly Stanley, Matt Norman, Dr Baz Dreisinger, George Newhouse and Prof Elena Marchetti.