The Bugmy Bar Book Committee has developed the below chapters summarising key research relating to experiences of disadvantage and deprivation. The purpose of this resource, for practitioners, is to assist in the preparation and presentation of evidence to establish the application of the Bugmy v The Queen (2013) 249 CLR 571 principles.

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Each chapter is comprised of extracts from major reports and leading academic research. The extracts are compiled by a researcher under the supervision of a senior legal academic or legal practitioner from, or nominated by, the Committee. The chapter is then assigned to an expert in that field for review to ensure accuracy, comprehensiveness and reliability of the research cited with respect to the general body of research in the field. Once that review is complete, the chapters are then reviewed by two members of an independent advisory panel. 

All chapters are reviewed by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander member of our independent advisory panel. Chapters which relate specifically to the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are also researched and/or supervised, and subject to expert review, by appropriate Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander researchers, supervisors, Committee members and experts.